19 December, 2023

LPG e-KYC: e-KYC for Gas Cylinder Subsidy.. can be done from your home.. simple process!

LPG E-KYC: Those who want to get gas cylinder subsidy must complete e-KYC. 
Users should remember that e-KYC is mandatory. 
Those who give their details risk getting the subsidy stopped. 
There are many reports that December 31, 2023 is the date for completion of e-KYC. 
In this order, the newly formed Congress government in Telangana has promised to give a gas cylinder for Rs.500. Planning to implement soon. 
In this order, the news is doing rounds on social media that only those who have completed e-KYC will be given a cylinder for Rs.500 and those who have not will have to pay the full amount. 
As a result, they are all hanging in front of service centers and offices of gas agencies. 
They are facing difficulties due to this. However, cooking gas e-KYC can be done from home. 

Now let's find out how to get nowhere.

How to complete Gas e-KYC online?
First go to LPG Gas official website
There you will see the option Bharat Gas/HPgas/Indane Cylinder on the right side. 
Click on the option you want.

If already registered then sign in with phone number. Otherwise select New User option.
After login, your gas connection details will appear on the screen.
Select the Aadhaar Authentication option that appears on the left side.
After entering your Aadhaar number click on Get OTP.
Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on authentication option. After that you will get a message saying authentication completed successfully.
If you want to know the status once again click on Aadhaar Authentication option. 
Then you will get a message that E-KYC is already completed.

In case of offline.. the relevant form has to be filled and given at the gas agency. 
After that your KYC process will be completed in four to five days. 
After that there is an opportunity to get the cylinder at a subsidized price. 
If KYC is already done then no problem.

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