26 January, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Software: How FCPortables is Changing the Game

FCPortables is a website that offers portable versions of popular software programs, allowing users to easily run them on multiple devices without the need for installation.

One of the key benefits of using portable software is that it eliminates the need for installation, which can save a lot of time and hassle. With portable software, you can simply download the program, unzip it, and start using it immediately without the need for any additional setup or configuration.

Another benefit of portable software is that it is highly portable and can be easily moved between different devices. This means that you can take your favorite software programs with you wherever you go, and use them on any device with a compatible operating system.

FCPortables offers a wide variety of portable software programs, including popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Google Chrome. The website is constantly updated with new releases, making it easy to find the latest versions of your favorite software programs.

In addition to providing portable software, FCPortables also offers a forum where users can discuss portable software, share tips and tricks, and get help with any issues they may encounter.

Overall, FCPortables is a great resource for anyone looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to use their favorite software programs. With its wide selection of portable software and active community of users, it is a great option for anyone looking to make the most of their devices.


24 January, 2023


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India. Its main goal is to ensure the safety and quality of food products consumed in the country.

FSSAI was established in 2006 with the goal of consolidating and strengthening food safety regulations in India. It is responsible for the regulation and supervision of food business operators, including manufacturers, processors, and traders. The FSSAI sets standards for food products, and conducts regular inspections to ensure that food business operators comply with these standards.

One of the key functions of the FSSAI is to ensure that food products are safe for consumption. This includes setting standards for food products, inspecting food business operators, and taking action against those that violate food safety regulations. FSSAI also conducts regular surveillance and monitoring of food products to ensure that they are safe for consumption.

Another important function of the FSSAI is to create awareness about food safety and nutrition among consumers. This includes educating consumers about the importance of food safety, providing information about food standards, and promoting healthy eating habits.

FSSAI also plays a critical role in promoting the growth of the food processing industry in India. It works closely with industry stakeholders to develop and implement policies that support the growth of the food processing sector. It also provides technical assistance to food business operators to help them comply with food safety regulations.

Overall, FSSAI is a vital institution that plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of food products consumed in India. Its efforts to regulate and supervise food business operators, create awareness about food safety, and promote the growth of the food processing industry make it an essential institution in maintaining the health and well-being of the Indian population.


22 January, 2023

Clean Up and Optimize: The Benefits of Using CleanGenius

CleanGenius is a system optimization and cleaning tool for Mac computers. It is designed to help users free up space on their hard drive and improve the performance of their Mac by removing unnecessary files and applications.

One of the key features of CleanGenius is its ability to remove junk files, such as temporary files, system logs, and user caches. These files can take up valuable space on your hard drive and slow down your Mac's performance. CleanGenius can quickly and easily remove these files, freeing up space and improving the overall speed of your Mac.

Another feature of CleanGenius is the ability to uninstall applications. Over time, your Mac may accumulate a large number of applications, some of which you no longer use. CleanGenius makes it easy to identify and remove these unwanted applications, freeing up space on your hard drive and reducing clutter on your Mac.

CleanGenius also includes a feature called Memory Optimization. This feature allows you to optimize the performance of your Mac by releasing memory that is being used by background processes. By releasing this memory, you can improve the speed and responsiveness of your Mac.

One of the most useful features of CleanGenius is its ability to scan for duplicate files and delete them. This can save a lot of space on your hard drive, especially if you have multiple copies of the same files. The software scans for duplicate files and allows you to choose which files to keep, and which files to delete.

It's important to note that CleanGenius is not a antivirus software, and it should not be used as a substitute for one. It's also important to use caution when using the software to delete files and uninstall applications, as it may delete important files and cause problems with your Mac.

Overall, CleanGenius is a powerful tool that can help users free up space on their hard drive and improve the performance of their Mac. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features make it a great option for users looking to optimize their Mac's performance. However, it's important to use caution when using the software and to always have a backup of important files before using it.

EaseUS CleanGenius
One Click to Speed up Your PC

Optimize OS & speed up your computer.
Remove junk files and unwanted software etc.
Protect your privacy.


Slow Computer? -Make It Run Faster Now.
If you are struggling with computer error after computer error, it can be enormously frustrating. If you are tired of the sluggish computer operation and slow load times, we recommend EaseUS CleanGenius to help you. This powerful PC booster provides all-around and easy-to-use solution for Windows users to speed up PC, optimize & repair OS, free up disk space etc with only 1 click.

Quick/Deep Scan and Optimize PC with Only 1 Click
Quick scan your computer OS to detect the problems.
Deep scan your computer to help you understand more on your system problems as well as broken or invalid files.
Clean, repair and optimize your computer system by just 1 click.

Clean up & Speed up Your Computer
Quickly clear junk files, useless shortcuts, unwanted files or software etc.
Locate and remove cloned files, empty files, files of large sizes or recently modified files.
Unlock files or folders locked by system or other programs and help to rename, move or delete locked resources.
Keep your registry defragmented and fix registry errors.

Easily Manage Your Computer
Startup Manager & Uninstall Manager simplify and manage your Startup programs and installed applications.
Memory Manager manages your computer memory to speed up your computer.
Shutdown Scheduler makes you shut down computer at a specified time.
Split or divide any file into pieces of any size and later reconstruct the pieces to form the original file.

Keep Your PC Safe
Clean up all traces if your activities on computer like web browser, instant messenger, social network service, Windows history, multimedia viewing or other applications.
Encrypt your private or important files or data with your own password, and decrypt them easily.
Backup Windows device drivers thus they can be restored when required using the software.
Undelete deleted files.


20 January, 2023

KingoRoot: A Guide to Rooting Your Android Device

KingoRoot is a popular Android rooting tool that allows users to gain root access to their device, giving them increased control over the device's software. With root access, users can access and modify the device's system files, install custom ROMs, and remove bloatware, among other things.

The process of rooting a device can be complicated and risky, but KingoRoot simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly interface and a one-click rooting method. The tool is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

One of the key benefits of using KingoRoot is the ability to remove bloatware from your device. Bloatware are pre-installed apps that come with your device and take up valuable storage space. With root access, you can easily remove these unwanted apps and free up space on your device.

Another benefit of rooting with KingoRoot is the ability to install custom ROMs. A custom ROM is a version of the Android operating system that has been modified by a third-party developer to include additional features and improvements. By installing a custom ROM, you can improve the performance of your device and gain access to new features.

However, it is important to note that rooting your device can void the warranty and may cause damage to your device. It is also important to be aware of the security risks involved with rooting, as it can leave your device vulnerable to malicious software and hackers.

Overall, KingoRoot is a powerful tool that can help users gain more control over their Android devices. It is a great option for those who want to remove bloatware, install custom ROMs, or simply gain access to more advanced features. However, it is important to consider the potential risks and consequences before deciding to root your device.

Best One Click Root To Root Any Android Device
KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest Android rooting methods for all android devices of any android version and has the highest success rate.

KingoRoot on Windows
KingoRoot on Windows offers the best and most efficient way to root almost any Android device in one click.

KingoRoot on Android
KingoRoot APK offers every user the fastest and most convenient Android rooting experience. It saves you the trouble of connecting to PC. Just a few steps can get you a rooted Android device in minutes.

Kingo SuperUser
Kingo SuperUser is a superuser access management tool for rooted Android devices. It is a fine alternative for SuperSU to manage root permission after rooting your Android.


18 January, 2023

Just Beam It: A Convenient Way to Share Large Files

JustBeamIt is a website that allows users to easily share large files with others without the need for a cloud storage service or email attachments.

The website works by creating a unique link for each file that is uploaded. The link can then be shared with others, who can use it to download the file. This eliminates the need to worry about file size limitations or clogged email inboxes.

One of the key benefits of using JustBeamIt is its simplicity. The website has a minimalistic design, making it easy for users to quickly and easily share files. There is no need to create an account or log in, simply upload the file and share the link.

Another benefit of JustBeamIt is that it offers a high level of security for your files. The service uses industry-standard encryption to ensure that your files are protected while in transit, and also offer password protection for links, so only the intended recipients can access the files.

JustBeamIt is also very useful for team collaboration, allows multiple people to upload and download files at the same time, making it a great option for businesses or team projects.

Overall, JustBeamIt is a great option for anyone looking for a simple and secure way to share large files. Its minimalistic design and strong security features make it a great option for both personal and professional use.

Drag 'n drop your file(s) into the drop zone (the area underneath the header with the parachute). Alternatively, you can select your file(s) by clicking on the parachute.
Once you've selected the file(s) you'd like to beam, click the "Create Link" button to generate a unique download link to share.
After the recipient connects and starts the transfer, the progress for your file(s) will begin updating. Do NOT close the page at any point until the transfer is complete, as this will terminate the transfer. JustBeamIt relies on you keeping your window open in order to keep the connection between sender and receiver open during the transfer.
When the transfer finishes, you will see the message "COMPLETED" next to the file(s) being transferred.
If anything goes wrong during the transfer, you will see the message "FAILED" next to the file(s) being transferred.
You can now safely close your browser window, or click the "Create Link" button to generate a new unique download link for the current set of files, or refresh the page (clicking the JustBeamIt logo works just as well) to start fresh and continue beaming.

Open the link in your browser.
If you see the message "sorry, this download link no longer exists :(", then either the link has expired or the link is invalid because the transfer already took place.
In the case of multiple file transfer, the filename displayed is "Archive.zip" and each fill is listed underneath. We also package all the files into a single '.zip' file for easy download. In the case of a single file transfer, the filename of the actual file is displayed.
To begin downloading, click on the file icon next to the filename. If you see the message "sorry, this download link has expired :(", then the link was invalidated because too much time passed before the transfer began.
After the transfer begins, you will see the message "your download is in progress... %" and the progress percentage will update.
Once the transfer completes, you will see the message "your download is done :)".
If anything goes wrong during the transfer, you will see the message "your download failed :(".

Please note...              
The download link is valid for 10 minutes, after which it expires and is invalidated, meaning the transfer cannot take place. You would have to click the "Create Link" button to generate a new unique download link.
Everything is streamed from source to destination through our service, and no file contents are recorded on our servers.

16 January, 2023


Have you ever carefully selected dozens of files and folders in Windows Explorer and dragged them to a destination folder, only to have Windows bail out on the whole procedure because one of the source files is still in use?  Have you ever wished there was a "No to all" option on the overwrite prompt dialog?  Or for the ability to automatically overwrite files only if the source file is newer?

How about deleting files--say you want to clear everything out of the temp folder except the two files that are in use.  Explorer is little help--it will bail as soon as it hits one of them, and refuse to delete anything else.  Or perhaps, like me, you've been annoyed by incessant spurious "Are you sure?" prompts. 
    "Are you sure you want to delete these files?"  Yes.
    "But wait!  This one's a program file.  Are you sure you want to delete it?"  Yes.
    "But wait!  This one's read-only!  You surely don't want to delete it, right?!" 

I created PerigeeCopy specifically to address these annoyances with Windows Explorer's built-in file operations.  PerigeeCopy is a configurable Win32 shell extension that lets you copy, move, and delete files with the ease of Explorer's GUI, while at the same time adding additional features and options, not the least of which is the ability to resume after errors and retry any failed files at the end of the job. 

Invoking PerigeeCopy:

Copying and moving files
Copy or cut files and folders to the clipboard normally, using Explorer.  Then right-click the destination folder, and select "PerigeePaste" (instead of "Paste").
Alternatively, check "Use PerigeeCopy by default" in the options dialog, and PerigeeCopy will be invoked for all clipboard file operations.
Right-drag files and folders, and select "PerigeeCopy Here" or "PerigeeMove Here" from the popup menu
Alternatively, check "Use PerigeeCopy by default" in the options dialog, and drag-drop files normally.  As with Windows Explorer, files will be moved when the source and destination folders are on the same drive, and copied otherwise.  Also, you can force a copy by Ctrl+dragging or a move by Shift+dragging.
Deleting files
Select files and folders in Explorer, then right-click and select "PerigeeDelete". 


14 January, 2023


Windows optimization and debloating utility.

Windows performance optimization and debloating utility, accessible to the average user as well as system administrators.

Improve Windows performance in a few clicks, as Windows becomes more and more resource-intensive and unoptimized.

Run Batch, PowerShell, and Registry Editor scripts directly from the GUI.
Add custom scripts to futher clean the system.


12 January, 2023

Windows Optimizer

The finest Windows Optimizer

Advanced configuration utility that helps you restore your privacy and increase your security.
Optimizer is recommended after a fresh, clean installation of Windows to achieve maximum privacy and security.
Depending on your version of Windows, Optimizer will also allow you to perform some specific tweaks.

Full multilingual support (20 languages available)
Speed up your system and network performance
Disable unnecessary Windows services
Disable Windows telemetry, Cortana and many more
Disable Office telemetry (works only with Office 2016)
Disable Windows 10 automatic updates
Download useful apps quickly at once
Uninstall UWP apps
Clean your system drive and major browsers' profile data
Fix common registry issues
Ping IPs and assess your latency
Search IPs on SHODAN.io
Rapidly change DNS server (from a pre-made list)
Flush DNS cache
Remove unwanted programs running at startup
Edit your HOSTS file
Find file lock handles and kill associated processes
Hardware inspection tool
Add items in desktop on right-click menu
Define custom commands for run dialog
Silent run support using a configuration file


10 January, 2023

ViVeTool GUI

Windows Feature Control GUI based on ViVeTool

ViVeTool GUI let´s you easily enable, disable and search for new hidden Features in Windows Insider Builds, with the use of a Button and a pretty UI.


08 January, 2023

Windows Repair

Tweaking.com - Windows Repairs section has always been completely free for personal use. 
We offer a Pro version adds features like automatic updates, an enhanced drive cleaner, memory cleaner, speed tweaks, and more. 
Your purchase allows you to support future development and get something in return!

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair is a tool designed to help fix a vast majority of known Windows problems, including; 
registry errors, file permissions, issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall, and more. 
Malware and poorly installed programs can modify your default settings resulting in your machine working poorly. 
With Tweaking.com Windows Repair, you can restore Windows original settings fixing many of these problems outright.

Malware and poorly installed or uninstalled programs can modify your settings resulting in your machine working poorly, unexpectedly - or worse. 
Tweaking.com Windows Repair is an advanced tool designed to help fix a large majority of these known Windows problems, including:

 Registry Errors,
 File Permissions Problems
 Internet Explorer Problems
 Internet Connection Problems
 Windows Updates Issues
 Windows Firewall Problems, and more.

With Tweaking.com Windows Repair, you can restore Windows original settings fixing many of these problems outright.

The repairs section has always been entirely free for personal use. 
We offer a Pro version that adds additional features and optimizations like:

 Automatic Updates,
 Enhanced Windows Drive Cleaner,
 Memory Cleaner,
 Windows Quick Link Menu
 Run Your Custom Scripts After Repairs,
 Run Speed Tweaks After Repairs
 Performance Enhancements, and more.