05 February, 2024

AnyDesk Hacked

Remote desktop software maker AnyDesk disclosed on Friday that it suffered a cyber attack that led to a compromise of its production systems.

The German company said the incident, which it discovered following a security audit, is not a ransomware attack and that it has notified relevant authorities.

01 January, 2024

Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2024

Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2024: 
Have you finalised your New Year's resolutions? 
If not, take a look at the list we've compiled.

Best New Year Resolution Ideas for 2024

29 December, 2023

Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR service is a service of an online optical recognition program (converter), we support more than 46+ languages. OCR is an optical recognition of text on images

Convert Image or PDF to Text
Using the service, you can extract text from a PDF document or image: JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF for further editing or use.

Online OCR - Free convert Image to Text or PDF

27 December, 2023

Online OCR

Picture to text converter allows you to extract text from image or convert PDF to Word, Excel or Text formats
using Optical Character Recognition software online

Image to text converter – what is this?

Online OCR tool is the Image to text converter based on Optical character recognition technology. Use our service to extract text and characters from scanned PDF documents (including multipage files), photos and digital camera captured images.

If you need to extract text from a photo, use our image to text converter. If you have a scanned book in PDF format and want to create a searchable PDF, our service is the best solution to convert PDF to Word or Excel!

You don't need to waste time rewriting a scanned lecture - just upload the file and convert image to text.

Using advanced image pre-processing algorithms and OCR technology, our service scans text from your images and extracts it to any editable format.

25 December, 2023

Udgam: Thousands of crores of unclaimed deposits in banks.. How to check our money?

Udgam: The Center has said that there are crores of unclaimed deposits in banks. 
And do you know if it includes your or your relatives' money? Let's see how to check!

Union Minister of State for Finance Bhagwat Karad recently revealed in the Rajya Sabha that unclaimed deposits have increased by 28 percent on an annual basis to Rs 42,270 crore in the financial year ending March 2023. He said that there are deposits of Rs.36,185 crore in public sector banks and Rs.6,087 crore in private sector banks. However, RBI has launched a centralized web portal called Udgam specifically to know the details of such deposits. With some basic details one can find out if there are unclaimed deposits in their name.
Banks classify unclaimed deposits for ten or more years under unclaimed deposits. Banks transfer them to the 'Depositor Education and Awareness (DEA)' fund of the Reserve Bank of India. However.. they can be retrieved by contacting the banks with the relevant credentials. 29 banks are registered in Udgam portal. You can see if there are any unclaimed deposits in your or your relatives' accounts. Nominees or heirs can know the details of unclaimed deposits in case of death of the account holders. If they find that they have it, they can contact the bank with the relevant documents and claim it.

Check this..

Register by mobile number.

Complete the OTP verification and login to the account.

Select your bank along with the name of the account holder. You can also select the option 'All Banks' if you want.

Then in the following line one of the details like Aadhaar, PAN, date of birth of the account holder should be entered. There is an option to give the address as well.

After entering all the details click on search and the information will be in front of you.

However, it is mentioned on the site that the details of some banks may not be available immediately. 
The site suggests trying for them later.

21 December, 2023

Digital Break | Has smartphone become an addiction.. check this!

Alcohol destroys the liver and smoking destroys the lungs. 
But smartphone addiction. 
It sacrifices life as a whole. 
The bond is aimed at the bonds. 
It will hurt the career. 
It creates a virtual chasm between us and the world. 
So beat that addiction. 
Make life win. 
The same is the warning of the latest statistics.

We spend six hours and twenty-six minutes a day on the Internet. More than ninety-six percent of the more than ten billion net users watch online videos. Eighty-two percent are addicted to online streaming. Fifty two percent people listen to FM radio. Fifty percent fell in love with the podcast. Eighty-six percent of people use smartphones for all these activities. Got it yet? How smartphone is taking over our lives. Spending at least a third of those six-hour days with the family will strengthen bonds. If you give something to your friends, your relationships will blossom. Reading any book will give you new ideas. Many psychologists have already warned to get rid of smartphone traces. Studies have emphasized that. Not only our time.. It is sad that life is being marketed. Photos and personal details on social media are becoming a boon for hackers. We can avoid this threat only when we think smarter than the smartphone. Can live comfortably.

Self check..
A smartphone should not bother you, it should not be a hindrance to your work. Not to impair your concentration, not to spoil your sleep, not to swallow your morning time. We must listen to it as it is told, but we must not play as it is played. Through a small self-check, you can check how addicted you are to your smartphone. These are the characteristics..

☞ Getting stressed and extremely anxious even if the cell phone is not seen for ten minutes.
☞ Checking the phone every five minutes.
☞ Frequent posting, commenting, resharing, liking. Others want to respond just as quickly.
☞ Waking up till midnight and waking up early in the morning just for social media.
☞ Losing concentration on the work and focusing on the smartphone.
☞ Responding to every incoming notification and checking it immediately.

Crimes.. Atrocities
The more time you spend with your smartphone, the more likely you are to be exposed to cybercriminals. Your personal details and photos will go into their hands. Fear of loss of reputation if known to all four, fear of becoming a scumbag in the society, negligence of huge sums, ignorance of not knowing where to complain.. all together give new strength to cyber criminals. If smartphone pastime is controlled, cyber crime can be controlled too. The photos you receive may be deep fake. The emails you receive may be part of a conspiracy. Respond carefully. Do not forget to complain to the concerned department in case of any doubt.

These are precautions
It started as a habit and turned into an addiction.. It has become a severe addiction.. Our life is no longer in our hands. Our thoughts are not within us. Digital addiction is more intoxicating than alcohol and addictive like a drug. So, it should be prevented in the first place.

☞ Remove unnecessary alerts and notifications. Due to this, there is no sleep disturbance at home. There is no difficulty in working in the office.
☞ Make the bedroom a smartphone free zone. This provision is applicable to both Alumagas.
☞ It is not possible to charge electronic items in the bedroom.
☞ Instead of smartphone.. use desktop for social media. As it is difficult to sit still for long periods of time, they log out quickly.
☞ Keep only important tools on the smartphone home screen.
☞ Ban cell phone intrusion during meal time, meeting with relatives.
☞ Apps like Screen Time will tell you how much time you spend on your smartphone. It acts as a warning. Download from play store.
☞ Control the time allotted for the smartphone.. and divert it to green time. Switch from online games to field sports.
☞ If you keep the smartphone in gray scale mode.. you can't stare for a long time.
☞ On special occasions such as wedding day, birthday, etc., do not limit yourself to social media posts and say good wishes together in person. Make bonds stronger.
☞ Spending time with social media updates and WhatsApp chats in the office is a career risk.

19 December, 2023

LPG e-KYC: e-KYC for Gas Cylinder Subsidy.. can be done from your home.. simple process!

LPG E-KYC: Those who want to get gas cylinder subsidy must complete e-KYC. 
Users should remember that e-KYC is mandatory. 
Those who give their details risk getting the subsidy stopped. 
There are many reports that December 31, 2023 is the date for completion of e-KYC. 
In this order, the newly formed Congress government in Telangana has promised to give a gas cylinder for Rs.500. Planning to implement soon. 
In this order, the news is doing rounds on social media that only those who have completed e-KYC will be given a cylinder for Rs.500 and those who have not will have to pay the full amount. 
As a result, they are all hanging in front of service centers and offices of gas agencies. 
They are facing difficulties due to this. However, cooking gas e-KYC can be done from home. 

Now let's find out how to get nowhere.

How to complete Gas e-KYC online?
First go to LPG Gas official website
There you will see the option Bharat Gas/HPgas/Indane Cylinder on the right side. 
Click on the option you want.

If already registered then sign in with phone number. Otherwise select New User option.
After login, your gas connection details will appear on the screen.
Select the Aadhaar Authentication option that appears on the left side.
After entering your Aadhaar number click on Get OTP.
Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on authentication option. After that you will get a message saying authentication completed successfully.
If you want to know the status once again click on Aadhaar Authentication option. 
Then you will get a message that E-KYC is already completed.

In case of offline.. the relevant form has to be filled and given at the gas agency. 
After that your KYC process will be completed in four to five days. 
After that there is an opportunity to get the cylinder at a subsidized price. 
If KYC is already done then no problem.

17 December, 2023

JioTV Premium plans

Reliance Jio introduces premium version of JioTV with new prepaid plans priced at Rs 398, Rs 1198, and Rs 4498. Plans offer 2GB data per day, unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS/day, JioTV Premium with up to 14 OTT subscriptions, including Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, Prime Video, and more. Users can recharge with monthly, quarterly, or annual plans, sign in to JioTV app using their mobile number, and enjoy premium OTT content. Activation of JioCinema Premium and access to Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar are also explained.

15 December, 2023

Explained: How You Can Make UPI Payments Without Using The Internet

Are you tired of getting stuck in the middle of an online UPI transaction due to poor internet connectivity? Well, fret not. You can even make UPI payments without internet connectivity. 

Eager to know how? Read on as we explain how you can do UPI transactions even in the absence of the internet.

13 December, 2023

Screen Task

Share Your Screen with Local Devices Offline
Experience fast and secure screen sharing both offline and on the go. Offering seamless experience to share your screen with others, anytime and anywhere!

No internet connection needed, ScreenTask works best with local networks over WiFi or Cable.

No installation required, the server app is a single executable file, clients can connect from any Web Browser.

No soft or hard limits on any feature, your server hardware and the network capacity are the only limits.

Completely FREE! and always will be, Since 2015 and still counting.

Protect your sessions with password, so only certain viewers can your screen.

All configurations are stored in a simple JSON file, Imagine the possibilities!