30 December, 2021

Shorten URL

Shorten your existing long URL by entering it into the field below. Shortened URLs are perfect for email campaigns, entering links in twitter or just about anything.

28 December, 2021

ExpandURL is a service where you can find out where the destination of a shortened URL will take you to before clicking on the link. By examining the link prior to clicking, you'll have more of a chance of avoiding phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them.
Extra information will also be retrieved about the shortened URL, such as: Title, description and keywords of the webpage. By analysing this information, you'll have more of an idea if this website is safe or not!

26 December, 2021


Is that short URL you're visiting REALLY going to contain cute kittens, or instead is it going to mug you and steal your wallet? Unshorten.It! takes any bullets for you, analysing the website for safety and letting you see it before you decide whether to proceed.

As well as telling you the URL that the link points to Unshorten.It! provides you with the title and description tags of the target web page, a screenshot of the target website, safety ratings provided by Web of Trust and will alert you if the website is found in the HPHosts blacklist.*

24 December, 2021

SMS Header Information Portal

Header Information Portal to let people know who is sending a message using any header.

Upload Header details, Download/View Header details.

TSP's Websites
# TSP Name Website Link

22 December, 2021

National Train Enquiry System (NTES)

 Spot your Train
 Live Station
 Train Schedule
 Trains B/w Stations
 Exceptional Trains.,.

20 December, 2021 Converter

Quickly convert HTML, CSS and Javascript into Javascript, Typescript, React, PHP, VBScript, ASP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lisp and more with the Web Code ...

18 December, 2021

Imp. Websites/Softwares: NoVirusThanks

The NoVirusThanks™ project began in early June 2008 with the primary objective of creating software
and services related to computer and Internet security. One year later we founded NoVirusThanks™ Company Srl with headquarters in Italy. Since public inception we have developed and regularly maintained
many security software programs, web services and highly customized software for Microsoft Windows NT-based operating systems. Our products and services are well known among a vast array of IT companies,
CERTs, independent security research organizations and Internet users alike. 

We offer free software applications for Microsoft Windows OS, which include general Windows utilities, malware analysis tools, malware removal tools, malware protection software, windows services, and more. So far
we have created more than 75 applications and we've not finished yet!

Free Network Tools:
Free online network tools such as WHOIS, Ping, IP geolocation, DNS lookup, IP reputation,
reverse DNS, MX lookup. Tools for SOCs, CERTs, researchers, webmasters.

16 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: IP Void

IP Address Tools Online
We offer a vast range of IP address tools to discover details about IP addresses.
IP blacklist check, whois lookup, dns lookup, ping, and more!

14 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: Url Void

Website Reputation Checker
This service helps you detect potentially malicious websites.

Check the online reputation/safety of a website.

12 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: Scam Adviser

ScamAdviser helps over 3 million consumers every month to discover if a website is legitimate or a possible scam. 

The website was founded in 2012 by Marc. Marc had bought golf clubs online and quickly discovered they were fake. He tried to get his money back to no avail. Out of frustration, he started ScamAdviser to help online shoppers make more informed decisions before buying online. 

ScamAdviser helps consumers making their online shopping decisions by rating websites with the ScamAdviser Trust Score. The algorithm of ScamAdviser utilizes  more than 40 data sources. From the IP address of the webserver, the availability of contact details on the website, the age of the URL, ratings on review sites and much much more.

10 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: 123 Apps

Web Apps by 123apps
Edit, Convert, Create

Video Tools
Audio Tools
PDF Tools

08 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: From Smash

Smash: File transfer
No file size limit. Simple. Fast. Secured. Beautiful. Send files for free.

Smash is the simplest way to make fast and secure file transfers. Share large files with no limits.

06 December, 2021

Imp. Softwares: Feedly

Track insights across the web without having to read everything.

You teach Leo, your AI research assistant, what’s important to you and he flags the important insights from everywhere, including news sites, blogs, Twitter, and newsletters.

04 December, 2021

Imp. Websites/Apps: SnapDrop

The easiest way to transfer files across devices

Transfer files or text b/w phones and laptops on same wifi.

Instantly share images, videos, PDFs, and links with people nearby. 
Peer2Peer and Open Source. 
No Setup, 
No Signup.

02 December, 2021

Imp. Websites: WindowSwap

WindowSwap is a place on the internet where people from around the world share the view from their windows to help someone else relax, focus, meditate and travel without moving.

It’s here to fill that deep void in our wanderlust hearts by allowing us to look through someone else's window, somewhere in the world.