22 April, 2018

vScheduler 24x7 - Automated way to schedule programming for playback in vMix

vScheduler 24x7 Build 2018.09.30 Released.
vScheduler 24x7 by Vijaya Kumar Dasari:

vScheduler 24x7 is an automated  way  to  schedule  programming
(Such as videos, audio clips, images, photo slideshows, powerpoint slideshows, playlists, xaml files (overlays), etc.,) 
For playback  in vMix:  Live  Production  &  Streaming  Software.

There  are  two  parts  to  the  program: vManager and vController.
vManager  is  used  to  create  the  list  of  content  each  day.
The  schedule  starts  at  a  set  time  and  runs  until  the  last  item  in  the  list is  finished.

The  files  can  be  saved  in  XML  format  to  be  edited  or  aired  later. vController  is  the  brain  of  the  whole  operation.
It's  responsible  for  loading  and  unloading  content  from  vMix  and  playing it  back  at  the  right  times.

Together, these  two  programs  make  up  the  vScheduler24x7 system. 

#Thanks to macjaeger for the sourcecode
*vScheduler 24x7 Features:

Video: Schedule video file(s). 

Audio: Schedule audio file(s). 

Image: Schedule image file(s). 
This is useful when you have to fill some time until your next event is scheduled. 

Photos: Schedule a photos folder, 
The pictures from this folder will be presented as a slide-show. 

PowerPoint: Schedule a PowerPoint presentation. 
The slides from that PPT will be presented as a slide-show.

Manual: This won't do anything, so vMix is free for manual operation. 
Schedule "Manual mode" whenever you want to do live shows, 
so vScheduler 24x7 won't disturb your performance. 

Colour: This will show a colour image, 
again useful for clean transitions into live shows. 

I/P | LIST: Use Input or List from vMix. 

Xaml: Add Xaml files as Overlays. 

Remove Input: Remove Input which is present in vMix.

Overlay (1-4) (In/Off/Out/Zoom/Toggle): Enable or Disable already added 
Overlays in vMix. 

Overlay All Off: Immediately switch Off all the Overlays.

Set InputMultiview Overlay: Change Overlay in InputMultiView. 

InputMultiview On/Off/Toggle: On/Off/Toggle InputMultiView Overlay. 

Record Start/Stop/Toggle: Recording Start/Stop/Toggle. 

Stream Start/Stop/Toggle: Streaming Start/Stop/Toggle. 

External Start/Stop/Toggle: External Output Start/Stop/Toggle. 

Key Press: Press a Keyboard shortcut key, 
Which is configured in vMix Shortcuts to perform the particular function. 

Snapshot: Create a snapshot image of the current Output. 

Script Start/Stop/Stop All: Start/Stop/Stop All vMix Scripts. 

Dynamic Script Start/Stop: Start/Stop a Dynamic Script. 

Set Image: Change Image in Title/Xaml files. 

Set Text: Change Text in Title/Xaml files. 

Text Colour: Change Colour of Text in Title/Xaml files. 

Count Down: Add a Countdown timer to an upcoming event time to Display in vMix. 

Start PlayList: Start a fully configured PlayList in vMix.

Stop PlayList: Stop a PlayList in vMix.

NOTE: Some of the above functions are version dependent, 
Please refer your vMix version Help file, If all the functions works for you.
for vMix 21: https://www.vmix.com/help21/index.htm?ShortcutFunctionReference.html


System Requirements: 

Windows 7+
.NET FrameWork 4.7.2 Full Profile
vMix Version: 14+ 

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