23 September, 2021

Free Seo Tools

Free Seo Tools:

Text Analysis Tools
Image Tools
Keyword Planning Tools
BackLink Tools
Website Management Tools
Website Checker Tools
IP Tools
Domain Tools
Password Management Tools
PDF Tools
Unit Converter Tools
JSON Tools
Binary Converter Tools
Calculator Tools
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21 September, 2021

Free Tools for Network, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)

Free Tools for Network, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)

Domain Tools
Sysadmin Tools
Developer Tools
Validation Tools
Formatter Tools
Cloud Tools
Content Tools
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Converter Tools


19 September, 2021



Discussion and Collection of Betas and Abandonware
With over 100TB in our repository, we are quite possibly the largest repository of its kind on the web!

We invite you to join our website and forum community to share, discuss and exploit the hidden secrets from within beta and abandonware releases. Share your knowledge with the forum and ask questions if you don't have the answer. Our friendly community will be happy to discuss any aspects of betas and abandonware with you.

17 September, 2021

Google's Safe Browsing site status

Safe Browsing site status:
Google’s Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites. Every day, we discover thousands of new unsafe sites, many of which are legitimate websites that have been compromised. When we detect unsafe sites, we show warnings on Google Search and in web browsers. You can search to see whether a website is currently dangerous to visit.


15 September, 2021

Windows 11

Windows 11 is an upcoming major version of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. 
Announced on June 24, 2021, Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10, released in 2015. 
Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade to compatible Windows 10 devices through Windows Update. 

Windows 11 is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2021.


13 September, 2021

Imp. Softwares: DriverPack

DriverPack | Download free driver update software
Download drivers for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

DriverPack will install drivers for free and solve driver problems on any device

DriverPack is the most convenient and fastest way of configuring a computer
The software is provided for free, and is suitable both for professionals and for beginners

DriverPack is provided for free

DriverPack officially cooperates with antivirus software manufacturers, and protects your computer

For all devices:
DriverPack has the largest driver database in the world, and can be used to configure any computer

11 September, 2021

Imp. Softwares: Ninite

Install and Update All Your Programs at Once:

The easiest, fastest way to update or install the software. 
Ninite downloads and installs programs automatically in the background.

09 September, 2021

Imp. Softwares: AIMP

AIMP (Artem Izmaylov Media Player) is a freeware audio player for Windows and Android, originally developed by Russian developer Artem Izmaylov


07 September, 2021

Imp. Softwares: FFmpeg

A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.

FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project consisting of a suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams. At its core is the command-line ffmpeg tool itself, designed for processing of video and audio files. 


05 September, 2021

Imp. Websites: AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate.

AlternativeTo is a website which lists alternatives to web-based software, desktop computer software, and mobile apps, and sorts the alternatives by various criteria, including the number of registered users who have clicked the "Like" button for each of them on AlternativeTo.


03 September, 2021

Secure & Privacy Email Services

Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.
No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining!

Tutanota is the world's most secure email service, easy to use and private by design. Sign up for encrypted email now.

Vivaldi Webmail:

Secure and private email:

30 August, 2021

Zero Rupee note

A zero-rupee note is a banknote imitation issued in India as a means of helping to fight systemic political corruption. The notes are "paid" in protest by angry citizens to government functionaries who solicit bribes in return for services which are supposed to be free. 
Zero rupee notes, which are made to resemble the regular 50 rupee banknote of India, are the creation of a non-governmental organization known as 5th Pillar which has, since their inception in 2007, distributed over 2.5 million notes as of August 2014. 
The notes remain in current use and thousands of notes are distributed every month.

28 August, 2021

Imp. Softwares: Free Video Converters


26 August, 2021


On Change.org, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilising supporters and working with decision makers to drive solutions.

22 August, 2021

Verified Email Badge

Verified Email Badge:

20 August, 2021

Check Website Status

Down for Everyone or Just me:
This site checks if a website is down for everyone or just you.


Is It Down Right Now:
"Is It Down Right Now" monitors the status of your favorite websites and checks whether they are down or not. 
Check a website status easily by using the below test tool. 
Just enter the URL and a fresh site status test will be performed on the domain name in real time using our online website checker tool. 

Check Website Availability:
Test the availability and performance of your website from 60+ locations worldwide and make sure your customers can access it. Know DNS resolve time, connect time, first byte time, last byte time and total response time.

Free Website Uptime Status Checker:
IsItWP Uptime Checker tests the availability of any website. See if the website is down for you or everyone.

Uptime Robot:
The world's leading uptime monitoring service.
Get 50 monitors with 5-minute checks totally FREE.

Check Server Status:
Check the status of your favorite website. Just enter the URL in the below HTTP, HTTPS server status checker tool and test tool will perform a test on the URLs in real time using our online HTTP status codes checker.

Check Server Status:
Learn about the site status why you are unable to connect to a website, enter the URL you are trying to access in the check server status tool, and hit the “Check Server Status” button below it.

HTTP Status:
Easily check status codes, response headers, and redirect chains.

18 August, 2021


f.lux (pronounced "flux") is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts a display's color temperature according to location and time of day, offering functional respite for the eyes. 
The program is designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use, helping to reduce the disruption of sleep patterns.


15 August, 2021

Verify Email Address


Verify email address or looking to use a free email checker? You have arrived at VerifyEmailAddress.org - your source for trusted email verification services since 2010. We constantly strive to enhance our email verifier techniques, and improving our services for you is our top priority in order to offer you an optimal experience to verify an email address online.

We have helped countless numbers of email list brokers, email marketers, data centers, call centers, and lead generation groups for years. Let us help check your email lists and reduce your bounce rate during your next marketing campaign.

Use our handy email ID tool above to verify an email address and check if an address is valid and really exists or not. We connect to the email server to confirm the validity of the email address that you are searching. Many users find our free checker above useful, while others opt to use our bulk checker for larger lists.

29 July, 2021

Imp. Softwares: Path Copy Copy

Path Copy Copy is an add-on for Windows Explorer that adds contextual menu items on all files and folders allowing the user to copy the path(s) in various formats. 
Idea copied from “Path Copy”.

Imp. Softwares: QuiteRSS

QuiteRSS is an open-source cross-platform news aggregator for RSS and Atom news feeds. 
QuiteRSS is free software released under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. 
It is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and OS/2. It has two layout modes-classic and newspaper.
The classic layout has a three-panel view for the feed list, posts, and browser.
It supports tabbed browsing, import/export of OPML feeds, basic web browsing functions, adblocking, tags, and system tray integration.
It uses the WebKit browsing engine for its embedded browser

18 May, 2021

Internet Archive & Web Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Web Archive:
Explore billions of web pages saved over time.

17 May, 2021

Kiran's Typing Tutor FREE

Kiran's Typing Tutor:

Kiran's Typing Tutor 1.0 is packaged and written for Microsoft Windows operating system, 
which lets you to learn Touch Typing and improve typing skills and speed in a very easy way with in the shortest possible time.
It has advanced features like Typing Lessons, Typing Practice,Typing Tests,Numeric Typing,Kids Typing,Typing Games,statistical graphs, 
finger preview and key preview.


 Easy to use and effective typing program

 Basic typing lessons enable beginners to understand Touch typing.

 Typing practice in Kiran's Typing Tutor is much more advanced and scientifically designed.

 User friendly and self explanatory designing.

 There are more than 500 typing practice lessons and more than 500 testing lessons.

 Finger preview feature shows what Finger to struck.

 Key preview feature shows what key to be pressed.

 Key press feature shows what key we are pressing.

 It calculates and shows Accuracy, Word per minute and key per minute after every lesson.

 It measures your typing speed, errors for each letter and accuracy and analyses shows as understandable graphs in progress window.

 Kids Typing module includes five different types of lessons designed for age groups from 4 to 8 years.

 Numeric Typing module designed to teach numeric key board.

 Typing Games module includes four different type of games designed to learn typing while relaxing.

 User friendly help system is available at all the time.

 Customizable settings and options are available and supports multiple users.

Download Links:

16 May, 2021

OTT Related Information and Release Dates

Lets OTT:
India`s Pioneer Aggregator Platform Focusing on Accurate Digital Streaming (OTT) Information of more than 50 OTT Platforms.

Binged.com is India’s first and leading news and entertainment website dedicated to covering the OTT and digital entertainment sphere. 

OTT Providers:

15 May, 2021

All Indian newspapers links - Read free online news

India Press:
We provide free online newspapers links to all Indian language newspapers without downloading their fonts including all regional newspapers of India in languages like Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Konkani, Oriya, Assamese and English, etc.


14 May, 2021

Seed Balls

Seed balls, also known as earth balls or nendo dango (Japanese: 粘土団子), consist of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay, preferably volcanic pyroclastic red clay. Various additives may be included, such as humus or compost. These are placed around the seeds, at the center of the ball, to provide microbial inoculants. Cotton-fibres or liquefied paper are sometimes mixed into the clay in order to strengthen it, or liquefied paper mash coated on the outside to further protect the clay ball during sowing by throwing, or in particularly harsh habitats.


13 May, 2021

Check all mobile numbers on your name and remove unauthorised SIMs

The Telecom Analytics for Fraud management and Consumer Protection (TAF-COP) portal
Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken several measures to ensure proper allocation of telecom resources by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to subscribers and protect their interests in ensuring reduction of frauds. As per existing guidelines, individual mobile subscribers can register up to nine mobile connections in their name. This website has been developed to help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any. However, the primary responsibility of handling the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers.


12 May, 2021

ProtonMail: Secure Email


We're building an internet that protects privacy, starting with email.

We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. 
This is why we created ProtonMail, an easy to use secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and state of the art security features. 
Our goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.

We are committed to developing and widely distributing the tools necessary to protect your data online. 
Our team combines deep mathematical and technical knowledge from the world's top research institutions with expertise in building easy to use user interfaces. 
Together, we are building the encrypted communication technologies of the future.

11 May, 2021

WhatsApp alternatives: Group Messaging Services: FREE, Secure, Encrypted

Sandes is an Indian state-owned freeware instant messaging platform developed by the Government of India. 
It runs on Android, iOS and in web browsers. 
The platform is hosted exclusively at Government infrastructure and both are governed by the rules and regulations of Government of India.

Sandes offers instant messaging, VoIP, File sharing and integration with various Indian Government digital services. 
At present, full features of the platform is only available to verified users

Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. 
It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos.
It can also be used to make one-to-one and group voice and video calls, and the Android version can optionally function as an SMS app.

Signal uses standard cellular telephone numbers as identifiers and secures all communications to other Signal users with end-to-end encryption. 
The apps include mechanisms by which users can independently verify the identity of their contacts and the integrity of the data channel.

Signal's software is free and open-source. 
Its clients are published under the GPLv3 license, while the server code is published under the AGPLv3.
The official Android app generally uses the proprietary Google Play Services (installed on most Android devices), though it is designed to still work without them installed. 
Signal also has an official client app for iOS and desktop apps for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. 

10 May, 2021

Download Voter ID Card

Check Enrollment
Update Details
Find Polling Station
Know BLO
Download E-EPIC


09 May, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration

Register using your Mobile no. or Aadhaar no. or any other Identity docs.

Select your nearby Vaccine Center for vaccination

Book your slot to Get Vaccine

India Govt. Websites: IT & TRAI

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting:
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one among the early Ministries set up after India’s Independence and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was India’s first Minister for Information and Broadcasting.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is one of the vital Ministries that represent the face of the government in reaching out to the masses. The Ministry is entrusted with the task of disseminating information about government policies, schemes and programmes through the different medium of mass communication covering radio, television, press, social media, printed publicity like booklets; posters, outdoor publicity including through traditional modes of communication such as dance, drama, folk recitals, puppet shows etc. The Ministry is also the focal point as regards policy matters related to private broadcasting sector, administering of the public broadcasting service- Prasar Bharati, multi-media advertising and publicity of the policies and programmes of the Union Government, film promotion and certification and regulation of print media.

On the public service broadcasting sphere, the Ministry overviews matters relating to All India Radio and Doordarshan through the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India Act),1990 which includes regulation of the use of All India Radio and Doordarshan by recognised national and regional political parties during elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies and procedure to be followed by the official electronic media during periods of national mourning on the demise of a high dignitary.

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is functionally organized into three wings (i) Information Wing, (ii) Broadcasting Wing and (iii) Films Wing.

Information Wing
The Information Wing is in charge of the presentation and interpretation of the policies and activities of the Government of India through the medium of the print, electronic and digital media, framing of policy guidelines for rate fixation of government advertisements on print; electronic; and online platform, administering of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867, the Press Council Act, 1978 and allocation of newsprint to Newspapers. Besides, it is the administrative wing for the Media Units namely, Press Information Bureau; Bureau of Outreach and Communication-[Directorate of Audio & Visual Publicity; Song & Drama Division; Directorate of Field Publicity]; Publications Division; Registrar of Newspapers for India; Photo Division; Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Cadre management of the Indian Information Service (Groups 'A' & 'B')etc.

Broadcasting Wing
The Broadcasting Wing by administering the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) Act, 1990 takes care of the affairs of All India Radio and Doordarshan including matters related to development of radio and television broadcasting throughout the Union, installation and maintenance of Radio Stations, Transmitters, operation of television Programme Production Centres etc.

The Broadcasting Wing of the Ministry also regulates the content of private satellite channels and network of multi system operators (MSOs) and local cable operators (LCOs) through the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 and Policy Guidelines issued time to time. The private FM radio network is regulated by the Ministry through auctioning of FM channels, operationalization of Community Radio Stations in rural and remote areas to provide access and voice to marginalized communities, etc.

Films Wing
The Films Wing of the Ministry administers the Cinematograph Act, 1952 which looks into certification of films for public exhibition, import of films for theatrical and non-theatrical viewing, export of Indian films, import of unexposed cinematograph films and various types of equipment required by the film industry, all matters relating to film industry, including developmental and promotional activities thereto, promotion of good cinema by institution of State awards for films produced in India and assistance through the National Film Development Corporation Limited, production and distribution of documentaries and newsreels and other films and film strips for internal and external publicity, preservation of films and filmic materials, organization of International Film Festivals in India and participation of India in International Film Festivals abroad, organization of Film Festivals under Cultural Exchange Programmes etc.

The three Wings in the Ministry are assisted and supported in its activities by 11 Attached & Subordinate offices, 5 Autonomous Organizations, 2 Statutory Bodies and 2 Public Sector Undertakings.


Keeping in view the Honourable PRIME MINISTER'S Initiative for "Ease of Doing Business", "Digital India" and "Make in India", the BroadcastSeva(BS) Portal provides a single point facility to the various stakeholders and applicants to make their applications for various permission, registrations, licences, etc. issued by MIB for broadcast related activities.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India:
The entry of private service providers brought with it the inevitable need for independent regulation. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) was, thus, established with effect from 20th February 1997 by an Act of Parliament, called the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997, to regulate telecom services, including fixation/revision of tariffs for telecom services which were earlier vested in the Central Government.

TRAI's mission is to create and nurture conditions for growth of telecommunications in the country in a manner and at a pace which will enable India to play a leading role in emerging global information society.

One of the main objectives of TRAI is to provide a fair and transparent policy environment which promotes a level playing field and facilitates fair competition.

In pursuance of above objective TRAI has issued from time to time a large number of regulations, orders and directives to deal with issues coming before it and provided the required direction to the evolution of Indian telecom market from a Government owned monopoly to a multi operator multi service open competitive market.

The directions, orders and regulations issued cover a wide range of subjects including tariff, interconnection and quality of service as well as governance of the Authority.

The TRAI Act was amended by an ordinance, effective from 24 January 2000, establishing a Telecommunications Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) to take over the adjudicatory and disputes functions from TRAI. TDSAT was set up to adjudicate any dispute between a licensor and a licensee, between two or more service providers, between a service provider and a group of consumers, and to hear and dispose of appeals against any direction, decision or order of TRAI.