29 November, 2022

File Converter

File Converter is a very simple tool which allows you to convert and compress one or several file(s) using the context menu in windows explorer. And it's FREE!

The interface is designed to be as light as possible to keep the application pleasant to use.

It supports a lot of different file formats.

You can heavily customize the application in order to add / remove conversion presets in the files context menus or edit the existing one to change the conversion options.

27 November, 2022


UsbFix by El Desaparecido is a specific program is constantly changing, designed by El Desaparecido, 
it removes all types of infection spreading through USB media as the famous "shortcut virus" !

UsbFix Main functions :
Deleting infections : We can't do without removable media in everyday life, 
though they are the main targets for malwares, which can seriously dammage them
To avoid this danger, there are softwares like UsbFix
They aim at deleting all infections spreading through removable media

Repairing : By completely deleting all traces of infections, the program rebuilds the security functions the malware has damaged, 
such as access to the registry, or task manager or display of hidden files, and many other things

Backing up : Even if the program suppresses all traces of infections in removable disks, it will back up the user's files and folders. 
For example the registry is backed up in C:UsbFixBackup before cleaning; and even deleted files are backed up in the quarantine of UsbFix with the extension .vir C:UsbFixQuarantine
Preventing a future re-infection : UsbFix does not only clean infections, it also prevents future risks : 
It creates autorun.inf files on drives (removable or not), to protect them from other infections in the future

25 November, 2022


High quality sticker png images in PNGEgg, all of these png images have transparent background

23 November, 2022


Easily manage Windows 10 and 11
out-of-control updating and upgrading.

First it was “Never10”
It began before Windows 10. 
Microsoft decided that it knew what was best for each of its users. 
So every Windows user was forced to move to Windows 10, whether or not it was best for them. 
But no one thing is best for everyone. 
So back then Never10 was created to return power and control to where it should be: in the hands of individual Windows users.

Now it's “InControl”
For many years, Microsoft led the world to believe that Windows 10 would be the final version of Windows. 
That sounded good to people who just wanted to use Windows to get their work done. 
Then Microsoft decided that they would create “feature release” updates to give Windows an evolving set of features. 
Many people just wanted Microsoft to leave Windows alone and fix its bugs. 
But once again, Microsoft believed that it knew best. 
So these twice-a-year feature updates became mandatory (even when they caused some users serious problems).

21 November, 2022


dot11Expert is a troubleshooting software for your WLAN (Wifi network) 
that gives you detailed technical information about your Wifi network adapters, your Wifi networks and their associated access points.

Deep statistics about network adapters (MAC and PHY level)
Automatic sensing of Wifi networks and access points
Graphical display of RSSI of all available networks
Internationalization support

19 November, 2022


KCleaner is designed to be the most efficient Hard Disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte in order to give you all the ressources you may need for your documents, music, pictures, movies,...
It is the first product of this kind featuring a full automatic mode, which works in background so that you don't have to care about when to launch it.
As a proof of its efficiency, it often finds up to many Gb not even seen by its competitors so... give KCleaner a try ! 
And if data security is something you are interested in, you'll love the secured file deletion methods proposed by KCleaner, making deleted files unrecoverable by any known mean.

Detects and cleans temporary and useless files (cache, unused setup files...)
Automatic mode working in background
Secured file deletion method
Expert mode : let users control any file deletion done by KCleaner
Internationalization support.

17 November, 2022


PhotoToFilm is the perfect companion for everyone who uses a digital camera.
With PhotoToFilm you can easily make small movies out of your pictures and compress them (ie : using DivX) in order to distribute your production to your friends and family.
PhotoToFilm allows you to add professional looking effects in a few clicks and makes video authoring a game.

User friendly interface
Makes transitions (such as cross fading) between your photos
Features dynamic images support
Sound track (MP3) support
Supports most popular photos formats (JPEG, Bitmaps)
OSD : On Video dynamic text insertion
Creates movies using codecs present on your computer (such as DivX)
Ability to burn DVDs (requires CopyToDVD)
International support
And much more !

15 November, 2022


SUMo (Software Update Monitor) keeps your PC up-to-date & safe by using the most recent version of your favorite software !
Unlike built-in auto update features, SUMo tells you if updates are available before you need to use your software.

Automatic detection of installed software
Detects required updates / patchs for your software
Detects required drivers update (requires DUMo)
Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting)
Automatic self-update (PRO only)
Direct access to software developer's web site (PRO only)
Ignore list : only tracks software YOU want to track
More compatibility and less false positive than others Update Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
Internationalization support

13 November, 2022


DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor) keeps your PC up-to-date & safe by using the most recent version of required hardware drivers!

User-friendly driver updater
Automatic detection of installed hardware
Detects required drivers according to your version of Microsoft Windows
More compatibility and less false positive than others Drivers Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
Internationalization support.

11 November, 2022

.NET 7.0

Free and open source
.NET is a free and open-source project, developed and maintained on GitHub, the home for millions of developers who want to build great things together.

Fast and cross-platform
.NET performs faster than any other popular framework, according to TechEmpower. 
You can write, run, and build on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Modern and productive
.NET helps you build apps for web, mobile, desktop, cloud, and more. 
With its large supportive ecosystem and powerful tooling, .NET is the most productive platform for developers.

Build your apps with the power of .NET
Back-end APIs
Reuse code to build secure REST APIs that reach all your clients.

Front-end web
Build your front end apps in C#. No need to learn JavaScript.

Deploy to mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source developer platform for building many different types of applications.

Latest version; .NET 7.0:

09 November, 2022


This application provides display and control of Android devices connected via USB or over TCP/IP. 
It does not require any root access. 
It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and macOS.

Its features include:
mirroring with Android device screen off
copy-paste in both directions
configurable quality
Android device as a webcam (V4L2) (Linux-only)
physical keyboard simulation (HID)
physical mouse simulation (HID)
OTG mode
and more…

07 November, 2022

Sumatra PDF

SumatraPDF is a free PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR reader for Windows. 
It's small and starts up fast.

05 November, 2022


Create virtual private networks on-demand
LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that lets you securely extend LAN-like networks
to distributed teams, mobile workers and your gamer friends alike. In minutes

Web-Based Management:

On demand networking
Create and manage virtual networks on-demand as you need them.

Manage and restore networks
Manage and restore virtual networks for end-users with the click of a mouse, from anywhere via the web.

Centralized software deployment
Quickly and easily provision virtual network client software to new computers without having to go onsite.

Unattended access
Run Hamachi in the background of networked computers so you always have access even when they’re unattended. 
Available with Standard, Premium and Multi-network subscriptions.

03 November, 2022


1. What is INGRAM (

This website has been launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs to create awareness,
advise and redress consumer grievances and act as a central registry for lodging consumer grievances. 
Though all efforts will be made to address these grievances, all grievances may not be fully or satisfactorily resolved.

Contents of links to sites outside this web portal, are not the responsibility of the Department. All rights are reserved.

No part of this web portal, can be reproduced / copied without the prior approval of the Department of Consumer Affairs. 
This portal is an alternate dispute redressal mechanism. In case, the consumer is not satisfied, he/she can approach the appropriate Consumer Commission/Fora.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has launched this portal as an integrated Grievance Redress Mechanism (INGRAM) for bringing all Stakeholders such as Consumers, 
Central and State Government Agencies, Private Companies, Regulators, Ombudsmen and call centres etc. onto a single platform. 
The portal will also help in creating awareness among consumers to protect their rights and inform them of their responsibilities. 
Consumers can register online their grievances through this portal.

01 November, 2022


Internet. Offline.
Store any website on your mobile phone or computer, easily.

Wherever you go, you can browse Wikipedia, read books from the Gutenberg Library, or watch TED talks and much more – even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Kiwix is a non-profit. All code is free and open-source.

Kiwix is an offline reader for online content like Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, or TED Talks. 
It makes knowledge available to people with no or limited internet access. 
The software as well as the content is free to use for anyone.

Everywhere. Anywhere.
Kiwix server powers entire networks, be it pocket-sized personal hotspots or across entire valleys.

Free to Use
Running schools with refurbished computers? Lebanon-based Thaki use Kiwix-desktop to bring knowledge to thousands of kids.

Resources for all ages
Felix, Maxwell and the Open Foundation West Africa bring Wikipedia and the Wiktionary to schools across Ghana.