21 November, 2023

Premature Hair Graying: Causes and how to take care of it

Premature greying of the hair is a common concern that can affect individuals across various age groups. A study published in Cell Biology in June 2021 by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons discovered evidence associating psychological stress with greying hair in people. Experiencing premature greying also referred to as premature canities, can be quite disturbing for many people.

By the time they reach 30, approximately 10% of men exhibit signs of grey hair, while this figure rises to around 25% by the age of 35. Conversely, women tend to undergo the greying process later in life, with roughly 10% displaying some grey hair at the age of 30, and about 50% having substantial grey hair by the age of 50.

According to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, an equal number of males and females were recruited for the study, and it was discovered that 37% of males had greying hair compared to 17.7% of girls. Here's all you need to know from the expert Dr Akshay Batra, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director at Dr Batra's Healthcare and, The first Indian President of the Trichological Society of London (UK).

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