25 November, 2023

Don't fall into such a trap..

Nitin Kamat's tips on 'pig butchering scams'..!

Zeroda CEO Nithin Kamath said that pig butchering scams have increased in the country. 
Some precautions should be taken to avoid falling victim to these scams.

Online fraud is no exception in the digital age. It is difficult to determine who casts the net in what form and when. Once you get caught in such a trap, that's it.. Life turns upside down. Generally jobs and high return on investment attract more everyone. This is exactly what is happening to criminals. They hope for this and act like a fool and commit fraud. This type of fraud is called pig butchering. Nitin Kamath, founder and CEO of Jiroda, shared some ideas on his X account about how these frauds are happening.

Nitin Kamat stated that 'pig butchering' frauds have reached the level of tens of crores in India. He said that these frauds are being done in the form of fake job offers, high rewards and investments in crypto. Those who perpetrate this type of fraud are said to first try to win the other person's trust. For this purpose, they pretend love and friendship with fake profiles. He said that after that, they cheat by hoping for jobs and high rewards. He said that this type of fraud is happening all over the world.

Nitin Kamath cited an example that the people who commit such frauds are victims of similar frauds in the past. It is said that those who went for jobs are cheated abroad and then they are forced to cheat people from India through social media with fake profiles. He said that quick money and job abroad naturally attract Indians and these are turning into a boon for fraudsters. So it is advised to follow some tips to avoid falling victim to this type of fraud.


Do not reply to messages from unknown people whether on WhatsApp or any other social media.

If someone asks you to download a new app or open a link, do not do it under any circumstances.

Fraudsters play with emotions like trust, fear, dreams and greed. So don't give up on anything so quickly.

Don't take any decision without thinking. Those who make hasty decisions are likely to fall prey to such scams.

If you have any suspicion, go to the police station immediately. Otherwise consult a lawyer.

Anyone claiming to be a job or expecting a high reward should be suspicious.

Do not share Aadhaar, Passport, Bank, Investment details with any new person.

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