12 October, 2023

M-Kavach 2

M-Kavach 2 is a comprehensive mobile device security solution addressing emerging threats related to Android based mobile devices. The major emphasis is on advising the users against security misconfigurations, detection of hidden/ banned apps and scanning the device for potential malicious apps installed on the user's mobile device.

Salient Features:

Threat Analyzer
Threat Analyzer is an attempt to detect malware on Android devices using a machine learning based approach

Security Advisor
This feature gives the users a holistic security status of the device. It checks the status of various critical parameters of the user’s devices such as device root status, Wi-Fi connectivity, USB debugging status, hotspot status etc

Detection of Hidden/Banned Apps
This feature identifies the existence of any such applications on the user’s device and further analyze these applications to identify any potential threat they pose to the device

App Latest Update Statistics
This feature notifies you of the apps not updated for longer durations, apps not being used by you for longer durations and apps having sudden spikes in the data and active time usage

Adware Scanner
This feature scans all the applications installed on the device and notifies the user of the adware installed on the device

App Locker
App locker provides an additional layer of security from unwanted/unauthorized access to critical applications.

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