22 October, 2023

Freedom GPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly.
Many chatbots are emerging based on this.
The catch with these is the reliance on internet and data systems.
Age of AI, LLC has created an innovative GPT to solve this problem.
Its name is Freedom GPT.
It is totally censor free and personal.
With this software, generative AI engines can be run on computers anywhere.
It does not compromise privacy offline.
Hence it is expected to boost the freedom of individuals. To use freedomget..go to the website and select either the Internet, Windows, or Mac versions depending on the PC.
Just set the software and install one of the LLAM and Alphasa chatbots.
You can chat on your device without internet.

Creating Powerful, Uncensored, Unbiased, Private, Powerful AI for everyone
FreedomGPT 2.0 is your launchpad for AI. 
No technical knowledge should be required to use the latest AI models in both a private and secure manner. 
Unlike ChatGPT, the Liberty model included in FreedomGPT will answer any question without censorship, judgement, or risk of ‘being reported.’

When a lot of users try to use the website at the same time, it can be slow. When you download and run it offline, it will always be as fast as your machine allows.

Ask AI any questions without fear of judgement because the data never leaves your device. Nothing is more private than running Al locally on your own device.

On an airplane, mountain or deserted island, space ship? No problem! You can use FreedomGPT to access the world's knowledge even if you are completely offline.

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