18 October, 2023

E-Epic Download: Get Voter ID Card in seconds

The Central Election Commission has made it easy to download e-Voter Identity Card (e-Epic) in the wake of Assembly elections.
For that, key changes have been made in the website.
In this system, the Central Election Commission announced that by registering the mobile number, one can get the e-Voter ID card in moments and it will be valid for exercising the right to vote.

Form-8 designed for changes and additions to the voter list should be used for this purpose.
A separate column is available for mobile number entry in that application.
Click on it and submit the application after entering.
After that go to "E-Epic" section and enter the voter ID card number in the specified field.
As soon as you enter the mobile number, the OTP will be sent to that phone.
After registering it, the e-voter ID card will be downloaded.
That document is valid like all certificates.
There is no need to wait for the voter identity card sent by the Election Commission.
Although this facility existed in the past, it took a long time to get approved.
Once the registered details are approved by the concerned Assembly Constituency Election Officer, the process will be completed.
Recently the Central Election Commission has simplified this process.

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