16 October, 2023

Cyber Crime Volunteers

Cyber Crime Volunteers Concept

Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) has been established under Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) to act as a nodal point at National level in the fight against cybercrime. It aims to provide a platform to deal with cybercrimes in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. One of the important objectives of I4C is to create ecosystem that brings together academia, industry, public and government in prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes.

I4C has envisaged the Cyber Crime Volunteers Program to bring together citizens with passion to serve the nation on a single platform and contribute in fight against cybercrime in the country.

Good Samaritans are welcome to register as Cyber Crime Volunteers in the role of Unlawful Content Flaggers for facilitating law enforcement agencies in identifying, reporting and removal of illegal / unlawful online content.

We also welcome individuals who are willing to volunteer in any other area that can help in fighting cybercrime. The applications shall be received directly by the State Nodal and they shall contact the applicants on an as-needed basis.

Terms & Conditions
• This is purely volunteer program and volunteer shall not use this program for any commercial gain.

• Volunteer shall not be entitled for any monetary benefits or Identity Cards/Designation etc., at present or in future.

• Volunteer shall not issue any public statement about his/her association with this program.

• Volunteers are strictly prohibited from using the name of Ministry of Home Affairs or claim to have an association with Ministry of Home Affairs on any social media or public platform.

• Volunteer is strictly prohibited from creating social media account in the name of this program or issue any statement about this program or pursue discussion or share his/her work or express opinions on public platforms on behalf of this program.

• Volunteer shall maintain strict confidentiality of task assigned/carried out by him /her, as a part of this program.

• Volunteer shall not share any information, logo, slogan relating to this program on social media or public platform.

• Volunteer shall furnish his/her true and correct personal information.

• The volunteer would work within the Indian legal framework and rules made there under.

• Volunteer shall sign a declaration of acceptance of terms and conditions of this program. Volunteer shall be de-registered in case of violation/breach of any of the terms and conditions of ‘Cyber Volunteer Program’. The State Nodal Officer of States/UTs also reserves the right to take legal action as the provisions of law against the Volunteer, in case of violation of terms and conditions of Cyber Volunteer Program.

Unveiling the Cybervolunteer Program of The Ministry of Home Affairs, India

The digital age quite literally offers an incredible repository of opportunities, offering new channels to connect and protecting our virtual engagements. Enshrining this idea, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India has introduced the Cybervolunteer program ( It's a program that invites civilians to participate actively in fortifying the country's cybersecurity framework. This article is an exploration into what this program is all about and how it's becoming a beacon for cybersecurity in India.

### Understanding the Cybervolunteer Program

Launched under the aegis of the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), MHA, the Cybervolunteer program is a pioneering step aimed to increase citizen participation in cybercrime awareness, detection, and prevention. Joining the program, as a Cybervolunteer, one can contribute by reporting illegal/unlawful content encountered on the internet.

This citizen-friendly initiative is serving as a bridge between the masses and the cybersecurity world, bringing higher transparency, increasing awareness of cybersecurity, and reducing cyber threats.

### Who can participate?

The Cybervolunteer program invites participation from all across India, from every walk of life, including students, professionals, cybersecurity experts, and anyone interested in contributing to the cybersecurity landscape in India. The program promotes citizens' engagement and paves the way for a safer digitized India.

### How does it work?

On the official website (, interested individuals can join as a Cybervolunteer by registering themselves. Post-registration, a volunteer can report unlawful content on the internet in four defined categories: against national security, against safety of children, against women safety, and other cybercrimes.

The platform maintains a strict privacy policy, keeping the identity of the volunteers absolutely anonymous. Therefore, they can report any illegal activities they come across on the internet without the fear of their identity being disclosed. In addition, the platform ensures all reports are verified by a group of trained professionals before any action is taken.

### Importance of the Program

With the growing reliance on digital mediums, cybersecurity has become an essential concern for nations around the globe. The launch of the Cybervolunteer program is a testament to the commitment of the Government of India to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding the cyber realm.

By facilitating citizens' direct participation in combating cybercrime, this initiative not only strengthens the digital immunity of the country but also empowers the public. It highlights the importance of public participation in maintaining cybersecurity.

### Concluding Thoughts

The Cybervolunteer program from the Ministry of Home Affairs is truly a giant leap forward in incorporating citizens in the national cybersecurity front. This initiative sends out a strong message of unity, underlining the significance of every citizen's role in protecting the nation against the rising tide of cybercrimes.

This platform is a shining example of the government's trust in its people, showing faith in their integrity and their will to make the internet a safer place for one and all. By making every individual a stakeholder, the Cybervolunteer program indeed gears up India in the run to create a safer and secure cyber environment.


Credits: Original information sourced from [Cybervolunteer program]

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