18 September, 2023

Spin the wheel

How "The Wheel Decide" works
Random wheel, or also known as Lucky wheel, is a free online app to make random giveaways in an easy and funny way. You can use the spinning wheel to choose names, participants, cities, meals or who will be the next of your friends to wash the dishes.

Spin Roulette Wheel to make decisions
To spin the roulette you just have to click on it. Before you start, we recommend that you edit the Settings and the Options List to configure the roulette as you wish.

If you want each option to win only once, select the option that allows you to delete it after it has been selected.

To spin the wheel you need just to click on it.
Before start, we recommend you edit Options and Choices List.
If you want each choice could win only one time, just select the option to remove after it is selected

Spin the wheel and let it decide!
Online roulette wheel is a free tool that allows you to get a totally random winning option the moment you spin it. Making decisions with random roulette is very fun, very useful and very easy!

For example, if you are a professor and all of your students have a presentation to do today, you can pick who will go first by choosing a name at random. How? With this tool! Just fill in the list with the names of your students and let the wheel decide.

With the wheel of fortune you do not need to have the list of names always at your fingertips and it gives the same possibility of being chosen to all your students.

In the same way, if you work as a Project Manager, you can choose who will be the next one to give the Stand Up, or daily report.

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