08 September, 2023

Pictory AI

Pictory's powerful AI enables you to create and edit professional quality videos using text, no technical skills required or software to download.

Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers
Generate more leads and boost sales by turning any content into highly shareable videos using the power of AI: fast, scalable, affordable.

How Savvy Content Marketing Teams Use Pictory

Script To Video In Just Minutes
Professional quality videos from your script complete with realistic AI voices, matching footage and music in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to expensive videographers, now your whole team can make videos. 

Turn Blog Posts Into Videos For Better SEO and Reduced Bounce Rates
Blog posts become captivating summary videos both readers and search engines love. 
Embed videos on your website and share via social media to enjoy higher rankings and increased readership.

Transform Long-Form Videos into Engaging Branded Clips for Social Media
Automatically extract highlights from your Zoom, Teams, Webinar and Podcast recordings and convert them into short branded video snippets ideal for posting on social media. Get a week’s worth of fresh content from a single recording!

Add Captions for Increased Reach and Watch Time
85% of social media videos are watched on mute so Pictory automatically adds captions resulting in up to 12% longer view time. No more expensive outsourcing or wasting hours with fiddly desktop editors.

Automatically Add Captions and Subtitles to Videos
Pictory Teams Plan

Teams Plan: Where Creativity Meets Collaboration
Colleagues from all company departments and even external suppliers can share assets and ideas. Produce professional quality videos at scale, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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