25 June, 2023

Bing AI

Discover the wonder of AI-powered search.
Ask, find, and create anything using everyday language.

Turn your ideas into images:
Can’t find the image you’re looking for? Create it now in chat, with the new Bing’s AI-powered Image Creator. Search, chat, and create, all in one place.

Refine your search:
Search for anything. Ask follow-up questions. Make refinements in chat. 
Hone in your search and get the answers you're looking for.

Get Summarized answers:
There is no need to get overwhelmed sifting through search results. Bing distills the latest information from across the web to summarize and cite answers to your question. And with a prompt, it can even display the answer in a way that meets your unique needs — whether that is using bullet points or words a five-year-old will understand.

Create and compose:
Sometimes you need more than an answer — you need inspiration. Whether you're writing an email, bedtime story or meal plan, there's no need to fear getting started. You provide your ideas. Bing comes back with drafts to consider.

Microsoft Edge is the best browser for the new Bing experiences:
The new Bing is built-in wherever you search in Microsoft Edge, including the sidebar. Get answers, explore citations, and chat side-by-side as you browse. Get creative inspiration and the right tone with Compose wherever you write online. Just click the Bing icon in your sidebar.

Bring Bing on the go:
With the new Bing app, you can search and chat with Bing anytime, anywhere. Ask Bing anything you want, from trivia questions to creating images. Like a friend, Bing will give you quick and helpful answers, along with suggestions for what to do next. You can even use voice to search or chat, and your history and preferences will sync across all your devices.

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