01 February, 2023


Bulk install Windows apps quickly with Windows Package Manager.

A web app for browsing Windows Package Manager apps, and create a batch-installation command using an intuitive interface.

Using winstall:
To use winstall, you can search for apps on the homepage. Additionally, you can also view all the apps available via Windows Package Manager.

Simply select the apps you want to download and click on the "Generate Script" button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be presented with a command that you can copy and paste into any Windows command-line. Input that into a command line app of your choice, and hit enter to start installing the apps one-by-one using Windows Package Manager. You can also generate a PowerShell script by toggling the "Show Powershell scirpt" option.

Alternatively, you can click on the "Download .bat/.ps1" button which will download a batch file. However, you will likely get a security warning from your browser. In that case, ignore the warning as the batch file is completely secure. Once downloaded, you can double-click the .bat/ file to install the apps using the Windows Package Manager.

Popular apps:
The list of popular apps are fetched from a .json file with a pre-populated set of data. On the front-end, a random selection of 6 apps from the list is displayed. If you would like to add an app to the list of popular apps, you can do so by adding an app here and creating a pull request. You will also have to provide a logo for that app, which needs to have a transparent image, be 80x80px, and in the .webp format. The logo must be added in this folder.. And because Safari does not like .webp, you need to also add a .png version of the same image under /apps/fallback.

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