23 February, 2023

Qubes OS

A reasonably secure operating system

What is Qubes OS?

Qubes OS is a free and open-source, security-oriented operating system for single-user desktop computing. Qubes OS leverages Xen-based virtualization to allow for the creation and management of isolated compartments called qubes.

These qubes, which are implemented as virtual machines (VMs), have specific:

Purposes: with a predefined set of one or many isolated applications, for personal or professional projects, to manage the network stack, the firewall, or to fulfill other user-defined purposes.
Natures: full-fledged or stripped-down virtual machines based on popular operating systems, such as Fedora, Debian, and Windows.
Levels of trust: from complete to non-existent. All windows are displayed in a unified desktop environment with unforgeable colored window borders so that different security levels are easily identifiable.

Strong isolation
Isolate different pieces of software as if they were installed on separate physical machines using advanced virtualization techniques.

Template system
Use app qubes to share a root file system without sacrificing security using the innovative Template system.

Multiple operating systems
Use multiple operating systems at the same time, including Fedora, Debian, and Windows.

Create disposables on the fly that self-destruct when shut down.

Whonix integration
Run Tor securely system-wide using Whonix with Qubes.

Device isolation
Secure device handling through isolation of network cards and USB controllers.

Split GPG
Utilize Split GPG to keep your private keys safe.

U2F proxy
Operate Qubes U2F proxy to use your two-factor authentication devices without exposing your web browser to the full USB stack.

Users are free to use, copy, and modify Qubes OS and are encouraged to do so!

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