29 December, 2022

Malwarebytes tools, solutions

Protection against all kinds of malware

Free virus scanner
Scan your device for viruses and remove them if they’re found.

Free spyware scanner
Remove spyware from your device. Scan now to check for spyware.
Malwarebytes tools & solutions:

Ransomware protection
Protect your device against getting locked up from ransomware.

Free Trojan scanner
Worried about a Trojan horse on your device? Scan for Trojans now.

Find your IP address
Find your IP address and protect your online privacy with our VPN.

Anti-rootkit scanner
Could your device have been taken over using a rootkit? Scan it now.

Free ad blocker
Block third-party ads and trackers and protect your browsing against web-based threats.

Adw Cleaner
Clean adware and junkware from your PC. Restore faster performance with Adw Cleaner.

Free antivirus
Scan and clean viruses and malware from your device.

Safe browser
Block malicious websites, fake tech support scams, browser hijackers and more.

Internet security
Get advanced antivirus, browser protection, and VPN together.

Spam call blocker
Block spam calls and filter spam texts on your iPhone.

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