27 December, 2022

Avira Free Security

All good things come in three's
Free Security takes a three-pronged approach to protecting and enhancing your digital world.

All the protection you need, whenever you need it
Threat protection has evolved to better suit your digital lifestyle. That’s why we packed Free Security with a diverse spectrum of features.  It safeguards you, your data, and devices from all types of threats (including the vulnerabilities lurking in your own machine, like weak passwords or outdated software). 

So, you can bank, shop, game, browse… you’re free to do whatever you like, and do it safely.

Anonymous in everything you do
Surveillance has become a part of everyday life so it’s time to take back control of your data. Every trace you leave online, what you buy, where you are, what you search for, which passwords you use—you’re being tracked by third parties. 
Avira keeps it private and for your eyes only by making you invisible online. 

Make your devices feel like new again
A…slow…device…that…keeps crashing and a battery that fails on you? That’s frustrating. It also makes you less efficient. That’s why Avira Free Security comes with built-in performance optimizers. They accelerate boot times, extend battery life, and rid your system of junk. 
The result? A clean, stable device with more space for all the things you love, like photos.

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