08 July, 2022


World today is over-flooded with information but only a handful helps to bring awareness about cybercrime. We decided to dedicate our part effort towards bringing awareness through YouTube. 
Cyber Suraksha featured videos are being created for awareness and educational purpose only, which by no means promotes any hacking (ethical or unethical), data theft, spoofing, ransomware, etc. by any means. 

Furthermore, this channel does not promote advertisements for any brand, tool, software, hardware, or products. 
This channel is indebted to the Jharkhand Police for providing permission to take our awareness challenge in an attempt to explore newer heights through social media platforms. 
The use of copyright material without our prior permission is an offence. 
We do not disclose the privacy of any victim respecting their privacy and sentiments.

We suggest you subscribe to our YouTube Channel "Cyber Suraksha"  in our mission to protect you, your family, friend and society from cybercrime.

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