15 May, 2022

Livestream Monitor

A windows GUI for livestreamer/streamlink

General Features:

Add your favourite livestreams to be monitored from twitch or youtube
Custom command line option for launching twitch/youtube chat for the selected stream (presets include Chrome/Firefox/Edge)
Stream quality favorites stored per api in a priority order
Toast notifications for streams coming online
Toast notifications for popular streams (so you never miss a special event)
Filter your channel list to find and manage streams quickly
Change your colour theme using the theme button in settings
TIP: You can configure what is considered a "popular stream" in the settings menu (cog icon on right of titlebar)

Twitch features:

Import your already followed streams for live monitoring
Search for top streams and filter top streams by game (add for monitoring with 1 click)
Search for VODS by streamer (you can also just paste any valid vod url and launch that instead)

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