03 January, 2022


E-mail is the only communication tool that is as free as it is universal, independent and official. However, email is becoming endangered by security attacks. In order to protect this integral tool, Vade is providing the free service: "is it", to the community, with the express purpose of combating phishing.
Phishing refers to an e-mail containing a link to a fraudulent website, whose aim is to make the user communicate highly valuable sensitive information, such as a credit card number, login credentials, private data, etc.
This threat is particularly hard to fight as phishing techniques are becoming increasingly agile and sophisticated. The three main difficulties are:
The lifespan of a phishing campaign may be very brief: one hour or less
The campaign may be concentrated with a limited spread of only a few thousand emails
Email content may be unrelated to phishing
To fight phishing effectively, the exchange of information in real time is very important for all parties aiming to combat it. This is why the "is it" service is free - we hope that together we can address and repel this threat.

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